Today I started working on rewriting my thesis. Yes, unfortunately I did not pass my thesis (that concluded my bachelor study) in one go. After getting my result back - a few days later than the original deadline - I was pretty shocked. I cannot believe I didn't pass; after having spent so much time on it. Nevertheless, it quickly became apparent that I wasn't the only one that failed. Due to a new rule and more strict regime it seems more than half of the students of my academic study and year did not pass their thesis. So many!

So, here I am... looking and reading and trying to work things out. The evaluation form I received is pretty straightforward with what I need to adjust. I am just lacking the motivation to work on it...

Thankfully I still have time - Xx


"O Canada! O Canada!..."


One of my best friends is leaving to Canada in the next couple of  hours. 
Although I am going to miss her, I am also really excited for her. 

Emma, if you are reading this some time in the near future.... HAVE FUN 
I truly hope you'll have the most amazing time and I cannot wait to hear about it!