Bits and Bobs

  1. There has been no Foodies' Fun post on Sunday and there are several reasons for that. The one and foremost being that I am currently in the last couple of weeks of handing in my thesis and am pretty occupied with that (understatement of the year), but it was also my sister's birthday and I wanted to give her full attention so I gave the day off of blogging and studying.
  2. Stress, a non-existent sleep schedule, studying and intense procrastination has shaped these past couple of weeks and future weeks of the Summer - if that is what you can call Summer. There has been a lot of storms and rain, rain, rain. 
  3. On the plus side, I am going to take a few days off staring 24/7 at my computer screen. As of yesterday I am having a tiny vacation in Berlin with three of my friends. Although the first day existed mostly of travelling and rain, I am well excited for the next few days. 
  4. Unfortunately this means that there will only be this post this week. Usually I try to post two - one during the week and one in the weekend which has been the concept of Foodies' Fun for the last couple of weeks - but there will be just one this week due to Berlin and the fact that there will only be a Sunday left of this week when I return home (during which I probably have to come up with a crazy schedule to finish my thesis)
  5. However, I am going to post a most listened to playlist of what songs I have been listening to this month as well as maybe an all-round favourites of the month? Maybe...we'll see. Definitely the music one as I wanted to do it for the month of July only to realize that the music player on my phone does not save what I listened to the most. Bummer. I also wanted to post something about GISHWHES so that might be something for the future. Or not. In case you DO want to know a bit more about this, check out this great post by my friend Bonnie (who was in the same team as I) here


Foodies' Fun: Dinner at Aachen

This week's Foodies' Fun is a bit different. In my last Foodies' Fun I posted a picture of a delicious tortellini gratin and stated that this restaurant deserved its own blog post... Here it is!

The idea to have dinner at Das Labyrinth in Aachen was my sister's. She had recently been there with a couple of her friends and stated that is was beautiful, inexpensive, and delicious. Off we - my mom, brother, sis and her boyfriend, and I - went to see what she was raving about. Let me tell you, she was right on point. Located on the Pontstrasse near other restaurants, it seems like a regular restaurant. The interior is mostly brown and has a pub feel to it. I noticed when we left that it also had an array of board games and what not. When you walk all the way to the back you enter the amazing garden, and with the summery weather we obviously seated ourselves around one of the many available tables. I believe at that point there were more Dutch people than German people at the restaurant which I thought was quite funny and typical. Before we went, everyone except my sister thought it was a Greek restaurant, but seeing the menu it was an overall Mediterranean restaurant with lots of Greek and Italian dishes. My sister and I both opted for the tortellini gratin whilst my mom and my sister's boyfriend went for a sort of mixed grill, and my brother for spaghetti bolognese. We also had sides of fries, salad, and calamari. 

Tortellini Gratin: Cheese and spinach filled tortellini with spinach and cheese cream sauce, and salad
There it is!



Make-Up Talk: Catrice Autumn/Winter

In its most recent newsletter, Catrice introduced their newly available products for Autumn and Winter:

Luxury Lacquers Million Brilliance
"The Luxury Lacquers Million Brilliance have an intense glitter shimmer to create special reflections of light on your nails. The concept unites a brilliant texture and unique 3D particles with beautiful effects." From left to right: 01. It's Showtime; 02. Blue Skyfall; 03. Let's Get Lost In Vegas; 04. Lost'N Roses; 05. Plum Fiction; 06. Bronze Upon A Time; 07. Stars & Stories; 08. My Big Green Wedding.

Beautifying Lip Smoother
"The Beautifying Lip Smoother complements every natural make-up look: a subtle colour-dispersion in pastel shades with a glossy finish ensure a soft, well-groomed appearance. The Lip Smoother visibly evens out fine lines around your lips for flawless results." It has a flock application which will probably result in nice and easy application and comes in the shades 010 Sweet Caramel; 020 Apricot Cream; and 030 Cake Pop.

Nude Illusion Make Up
"The Nude Illusion Make-Up scores points as a light foundation with optimal mattifying coverage. Thanks to soft, light-reflecting pigments, the foundation provides a soft focus effect for a healthy glow. This formula is fabulous: moisturizing, long-lasting, and with protective UVA and UVB filters. The finish: flawless and natural." It comes in five shades: 010 Nude Ivory; 020 Rose Vanilla; 025 Nude Sand (available in selected stores);  030  Nude Beige; 040 Medium Beige.

Velvet Matt Eyeshadows
"The Velvet Matt Eyeshadows with a new premium texture contain ultra-soft shimmer pigments for a velvety matt finish. Thanks to the silky, highly pigmented formula, the Velvet Matt Eyeshadows practically melt with your skin to create a radiant look." These come in six colours: 010 Vanillaty Fair; 020 Pink-Up Girls; 030 Jump Up And Brown...; 040 Al Burgundy; 050 Welcome to Greysland; 060 Moss Wanted Colour.

Lash Boost Lash Extension Fibres 
"Special fibres create a fast volume and lash-extending effect. Simply apply our favourite mascara and then - while the mascara is still moist - apply a coat of the Lash Extension Fibres. As the final step, apply another coat of mascara on your lashes. The results: lashes that are unrivalled in terms of thickness and length." Comes in 010 Principle of Maximisation.

I'm really interested in the Beautifying Lip Smoother to see if it actually works. Which one of these products sounds interesting to you? Let me know in the comments below. All images are from the original Catrice website.



Foodies' Fun



  • Dinner: Tortellini Gratin at Das Labyrinth - will probably end up making a blogpost about this
  • Dessert: Yogurt Strawberry shake at San Remo afterwards
  • Dessert: Apparently all I took of the next day. My own little concoction of ice cream, apple, raisins, walnuts, salt, chocolate sauce, and honey.
  • Drink: Strawberry-Banana smoothie
  • Snack: As you already saw - a hamburger at McDonald's 
  • Dinner: Mom was inspired by dinner on Monday, resulting in a tortellini and spinach dish
  • Breakfast: roast beef sandwich with some grapes
  • Dinner: Sweet potatoes, hamburger, sweet corn, fries, potato salad and pisang goreng (fried banana). Later on there were also some shrimps added. A lot of potatoes and random foods put together but good.
  • Treat: Cheese and sour cream potato chips
  • Drink: Hazelnut latte with marshmallow puff instead of regular sugar and honey on top
  • Dinner: The regular fries of the week with this week added mayonnaise, curry (spicy variant of ketchup) and onions along with a mexicano (spicy meat snack) 
  • Dessert: Yes, another dessert. Been fully exploiting this summer with ice cream which I usually don't do. One scoop of strawberry ice cream and one scoop of banana ice cream.