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Some time ago my mom, brother, and I had a quick trip to Utrecht. When I say a quick trip I truly mean a quick trip, with only two hours to look around and get something to eat before all the shops were closing and it was time to head back home. I ended up visiting Flying Tiger, a store I enjoy walking around in and wished they had one closer to where I live, and got home with two NYX lipsticks from the local Douglas. I have always wanted to try items from NYX and I have one regular lipstick that was an impulse buy once in Amsterdam that resulted in coming home with a colour that was a little brighter than I usually wear and therefore hardly use, but the ones that I am reviewing and showing you today are shades I regularly reach out for and in that respect can truly review for you.

The two lipsticks I purchased are Merlot and Alabama from the NYX Matte Lipsticks range. For €7,49 a piece at Douglas these lipsticks have a matte finish and are simply amazing. Alabama is a red-brown shade and Merlot a muted berry red. 

L: Merlot & R: Alabama

L: Merlot & R: Alabama

You guys know that I love matte lip products and these can be added to my faves. The ultimate test? A pretty much all-day foodfest at a friend's house who was throwing a birthday party by having a high tea. So much delicious treats and I had a lot of tea. A lot. Even though the lipstick was picked up on my tea mug for instance, it still remained on my lips with the same intensity as when I had just put it on. So not smoochproof or transferproof, because I does transfer even if it is a little, but definitely longlasting. I had the shade Merlot on that day and it was still there when I got home and made myself ready for bed - that's 12+ hours later after applying it in the morning! Moreover, I found that it doesn't cling on to dry patches and doesn't make your lips feel extremely dry. With 33 shades available on the NYX website there is a shade for everyone. Definitely worth a try!

*As I was looking up the link for the NYX lipsticks at the Douglas website I suddenly saw that they finally added the soft matte lipcreams which I have been wanting to try out for a long time. Hopefully I can get my hands on some of these soon!


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