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By Aïsa - 10:00 AM

A month or two ago I purchased a couple of beauty related items including the NYX Matte Lipsticks that I showed in my last post. Of course, I cannot give an opinion or review a product without thoroughly testing it. After weeks of trying these new items out, I can happily show you in this post what I think of one of these products: the foundation sticks belonging to the P.S. Love... line by Primark.

Who doesn't love a good shop at Primark? I sure know I do, and this time instead of going for the clothing items I ended up with quite a lot of products from their skin and beauty range. These foundation sticks caught my immediate attention when I saw that they were available in a light, medium, and dark shade and silly me I purchased them with the thought of them being concealer sticks - only to find out when I got home that it actually were foundation sticks. I mean how on earth could I not see it when I was in the store - it was stated on the packaging. I guess that shopping within a limited time frame will do that to a girl.

With my medium skin tone and a small budget I am always on the quest of finding affordable base products. However, I am not a fan of foundation and more of a BB cream/concealer kind of girl, but since I had already got them I might as well try them out as a form of concealer/all over base product. And guess what? Of the newly purchased items this has been my most reached for product in the last couple of weeks.

Since Primark didn't have any testers available, I took both the medium and dark shade home with me. As stated in the product's name, it is a foundation in a stick form that you can twist up. Upon swatching I found out that the dark shade was too dark for me, but I might use this as a cream contour. The product is a thickish pigmented cream and for the price of €2,50 amazingly affordable. The packaging makes it easy to apply the product straight to the face or to load up the product on your makeup tool and because of the stick form also very convenient for travelling. For those sensitive to fragranced makeup products, it has a slight vanilla scent but nothing too overwhelming.

It might not be the most sanitary way of applying it, but because of its convenience I apply the product directly to the centre of my face. After this I buff the product in with my buffing makeup and concealer brush by Ebelin until it is nicely blended in. It amazed me the first time at how easy it was to seamlessly blend this product into the skin. The end result? My skin looked more radiant and even-toned; pores were a whole lot less visible (almost to a soft focus effect); redness was reduced and even my dark circles were a lot less noticeable. My camera might not make the best photos for this, but even in the photos above you can see a major difference between the one on the left where I have only curled my lashes and applied mascara and the one on the right where I've blended the foundation in.

As said before, I do test and have tested this product for a while now and with the days passing by, weather often changes and effects the skin. I have combination skin that is both slightly sensitive and mostly oily, but dehydrated. In the last week and a half or so, my skin has been very dry due to the wind and so on, and I have noticed that the blendability of the product faltered with dry skin. With the same routine on my then dry skin, I definitely could see the layer of product on top of my skin as opposed to blending seamlessy with my "normal" oily skin. So if you have dry skin, this product wouldn't work as great on you. Then again, if you have oily skin like me and are looking for a great cream foundation or concealer with medium coverage then make sure to give this a chance the next time you go to Primark. Great value for a very affordable price and a product I was amazingly surprised with and is now part of my everyday makeup routine.


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  1. Hey can I just say that this is a great review! The primark foundation sticks are my favourite budget foundation.

    I use the light shade for the centre of my face and the dark as a cream contour. It gives great coverage on my Combination skin (Oily/Very oily T-zone & Dry/Normal everywhere else), the one problem I do have with it though is that it is a very oily/greasy product, but with such heavy coverage I suppose that is to be expected, and once you've got powder on the oiliness isn't as obvious.

    Cant wait to read more of your posts! Keep it up gurrl!


    Andrew Joseph
    CEO/LGBT Lifestyle & Culture Blogger at OKImGay.com

    1. Thanks! Yes, the product can feel very heavy on the skin as it's a cream, but as I remember a little goes a long way so hopefully that helps the issue. Great idea of using the darkest shade as a cream contour by the way (unfortunately it is too red-toned for me to use as such). After seeing this post again - thanks to your comment - I might just have to take this foundation out for a spin again!