Introduction to Kiko│Haul


To those who've stuck around after seeing my last post I say welcome back.
It is on the third day of a roadtrip my friends and I did during the Summer, that I had the opportunity to shop at Kiko Milano. This cosmetic brand is known among bloggers and  vloggers who are interested in anything concerning makeup and beauty. It offers a wide range of products - from nail polish to makeup, but also skincare items, brushes, and travel pouches - and has a price range comparable to the drugstore with amazing quality products. When I am about to go somewhere I have never been to, I always spend a bit of time beforehand getting to know some places to eat, shop, and particular points to see. It was during one of those sessions, when I was looking what was available in the city of Lille, that I came across Kiko and my mind was made up. If there was a window for me to shop once we were there, I would take it. 

Naturally, I was like a kid in a candy shop...although I am not going to lie, I am the kid in the candy shop whenever that happens, so nothing has changed. In the end I took seven items back with me to the hotel - three lipsticks and four long lasting eyeshadow sticks. The latter was mentioned by Lily Pebbles, and intrigued me. Eyeshadow in a stick form that is easy and quick to apply. Right up my street, I thought. Personally, I find it hard to get myself to take that extra step of putting eyeshadow on even though that the times I do, I love the look. It's not like I do not have the availability of colours, but for some reason I just can't get the hang of it. An idea like this was something I had to try. Luckily for me, it was on offer - hence the four shades: 4, 6, 38, 39. Unfortunately no fun names on the packaging, but they do have names on the website next to the numbers which is quite logical as there are 44 shades available. The four shades I have are basically a brown eyeshadow quad - 04 Golden Chocolate is a warm brown, 06 Golden Brown is a gold bronzed brown, 38 Golden Taupe is a cool taupe brown, and 39 Dark Taupe is a dark brown. Things to dislike? The shimmer can be a bit overpowering. Shade 4 especially has quite chunky glitters in it that I really dislike, but if you blend quickly you can get most of them away so it is manageable. Things to love? The longevity, ease of application and blendability, and a wide range of available colours.

Then, I also picked up three lipsticks from the Velvet Mat-Satin lipstick line (consisting of fifteen shades in total) in the shades 611 Autumn Pink, 612 Strawberry Pink, and 614 Dark Berry. The packaging has a unique click system, by pushing on the top the lipstick clicks loose and comes out at the bottom which is a nifty feature I really like. There are several other ranges within the Kiko brand, and each one of the standard lipstick lines has a distinct coloured packaging, making it easy for you to distinguish between the different finishes. It is the little things that count. Things to dislike? This is up for personal preference of course, but keep in mind that I choose pretty "neutral shades" to match my complexion, the colours are not intense, although nicely pigmented. Things to love? The overall longevity is great. Pat the product in and it even lasts through your meal. The finish gives a semi-mat finish and does not dry your lips because of its finish.  

Here are some photos I took wearing the eyeshadow stick in shade 39 on my lids and a bit under my waterline along with the three lipstick shades. On the left we have 611, a brown nude with red undertones, in the middle 612, a more bright and uplifting pink with a slight hint of coral, and on the right 614, a darker pink with warm red undertones. Overall, I am very happy with the products I got, and am very pleased to tell you that I went to Amsterdam on Friday and visited Kiko for the second time. Soon there will be one in Eindhoven which is a lot closer to home - an hour by train - so you might be seeing more of this brand.



Lille│Roadtrip Day III

Welcome back! And on to day three of my roadtrip we go...

After arriving the previous night in Lille - see day two here - it was time to explore this city. Like Bruges, on day one, we pretty much went in all directions to see as much as possible and came across some amazing sights. 

 These remind me of the Piranha Plants from Super Mario Bros

Besides trying to explore as much of the city as we could in a day, we also visited a museum - the Palais Beaux-Arts - which you can see in the photo above. After this it was time for something to eat and we ended up sitting on the main square with muffins in different flavours to enjoy. Before the day was over I really wanted to visit Kiko Milano Cosmetics, a brand I've heard so many great things about, but hadn't been able to visit myself, and so the group split in two. About half would wander around to shop and the other half would head back to the hotel to catch some rest and just relax. Once our shopping was done the rest of us also headed back when I stumbled across eclairs - I just had to have one - and treated myself with a speculoos flavoured one. Moreover we spotted a place where falafel was on the menu - a type of food one of us was craving for a couple of weeks now if not longer - and in the evening we went back with the entire group for dinner. We pretty much were all feeling the exhaustion of basically walking entire days, taking in so much sights, and travelling, that it didn't take long before we were all asleep when we reached our beds. Three days down, one to go...

If you are interested in seeing my haul and review of the products I got at Kiko then stay tuned for next week. Until then, have a great Sunday!



Hitting the coast│Roadtrip Day II

Well hello! Interested in what day two of the roadtrip brought us? Here we go...

We started our day blessed with the beautiful sun that shone as brightly as it had done in the final daylight hours of yesterday. Our next stop? The coast of Ostend, Belgium.

We were incredibly lucky to have actual summer weather as we approached the beach. The sky was an amazing blue, and although the water was oh so cold it did not stop people to jump and swim in the water. Brr!

For my friends and I it was time to sit, relax, enjoy the sun, and look at the amazing ocean before us. It wouldn't all just be a time for peace and quiet though...

As I was collecting shells that washed on the shore - as you do - I turned around to my friends only to see there were being attacked by seagulls or well one particular strongheaded one and I even got it on camera. I will not lie and say it was very funny to see, although that soon passed as the seagull just did not leave. Even after all his/her/its feathered companions moved on to their next victim, it took about fifteen minutes if not longer before this one gave up. Hard-learned lesson of the day: do not feed the seagulls.

Rays of sun were soaked in pleasantly throughout the rest of our time spent there before it was time to move to the next place, our next coast, Duinkirk. Boy oh boy, if only we knew...

...the weather drastically switched back to, you guessed it, rain. We walked across the city centre and finally made our way to the coast when it was desperate time for a cup of tea. Immense respect to the football players who had an ongoing competition on the beach. We were in Duinkirk (and Ostend) on a Sunday and whilst at home we are used to shops being open more often these days, everything was closed and quiet in Duinkirk apart from a couple of lunchrooms here and there.

After a short trip to Duinkirk - which was beautiful to see although very cold and rainy leaving us all with partially or fully drenched clothing items - it was off to our Ibis hotel in Lille where we would stay for two nights. Our dinner consisted of pancakes and after a short walk in the closed city centre we stopped at a conveniently open supermarket, decided to get some wine and spend the night in watching hilarious French dubbed Doctor Who, drinking wine, playing Cards Against Humanity, and go through the Dubsmash app until the morning hours. Spending time with friends truly is one of the best things to do.



Monthly Music


Continuing with the recap of the month of August albeit later than usual, here's my Monthly Music. Like July it is a shorter one, but that is because I only really listened to two to three albums on repeat in the last couple of weeks when I was able to listen to the music on my phone. The most frequent being 'Communion' by Years and Years which was released in the summer months and has been my jam pretty much non stop. The week after their performance at Lowlands,  it was announced  that they will perform at Klokgebouw, Eindhoven on the 18th of November and my sister and I made sure to have tickets to see them which only got me even more excited to keep listening to the album.

Oakland - Into The Sea 
String Elephants - Fluorescent
Hozier - In A Week
Imagine Dragons - Roots
Years & Years - Eyes Shut
Jonathan Jeremiah - Oh Desire
Viola Beach - Swings & Waterslides



Foodies' Fun

Happy Sunday!

My blog and I had a little pause as I was enjoying my final week off in the Summer of 2015. For this reason things get a little mixed up, and instead of posting my Foodies' Fun and Monthly Music of August in the last weekend of said month, it is now a week later. If you've been sticking around for more stories and images of my roadtrip - which is long overdue I know - do not worry as I have day two all set up and ready to be published.  If you follow me on Twitter you know that in my week off I went to Amsterdam and got a bit overwhelmed with seeing Topshop and its lip products. Yes, I ended up taking five home with me so you can bet those will be featured on my blog some time soon as well. However, to keep a bit of structure I thought it would be a better idea to stick to my recap routine before we head on to the other exciting posts. Foodies' Fun this time is a bit of a cheat as it also includes the days at the end of July when I was on my roadtrip.

One of the things I greatly enjoy of spending time abroad in hostels and hotels is the range of breakfast products you are able to choose from. It puts my day right in a good mood. 

No trip to Bruges would be complete without a Belgian beer, and although I am not a beer lover there is plenty of choice such as this fruity beer.  

In Lille we opted for pancakes; mine was filled with mushrooms and other goodness. 

And of course I had to get an eclair - a special one with speculoos.

On our way back home we stopped for some quick dinner, or well not so quick for me because look at this piece of work. A few days later it was off to Antwerp for a day for me where I...

Got these M&M's in peanut butter at the River Island, how cool is that. Also delicious!

I only ever had the "original" milktea bubble tea and with a bit of sun shining every not and then that day, tried a green apple fruit tea. Refreshing! 

For dinner? Pasta, always a safe choice for everyone to enjoy who were with - my mom, sister, and her bf -  me that day.  

Some delicious treats - the chocolate popcorn was a gift from my sister, how sweet. 

It was time to try a new salad from the salad range at Albert Heijn. This blue cheese, appel, and raspberryvinaigrette surely is one to get more often.  

With so many delicious goods left in the fridge I couldn't help myself and made a plate to indulge. 

Falafel party time with my friends!

Amazing quick dinner my mom made for us to enjoy at home.