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By Aïsa - 9:30 PM

H&M relaunched their entire beauty products range and pretty much across the entire (beauty)blogging and vlogging world people got excited to try the new products. Although not available in every single H&M store, I thought my best bet to find a H&M with this relaunch would be in Maastricht, and even though I was mistaken in which of the three H&M stores in this city it would be - thinking the H&M Beauty store surely has the new beauty range, but no it was the big store with all the clothing - I managed to visit it twice and took a few products home with me to put to the test.

The first trip was a very short trip and wanting to try some products but not being able to have enough time to think about it, I grabbed two of the "lip definer" lip pencils (€4,99 a piece) as they surely always come in handy. I picked up "Marsala" a coral-pink shade leaning to the neutral or nude side when it comes to vibrancy, and "Savoir Faire", a nice cool-toned standard red. The latter feels a bit more chalky and thus a bit harder to apply to the lips, but both shades are very nice to wear on their own.

On my second trip I got more time to take a look at what was in the range. The purchase of the "Immaculate Powder Foundation" in "Olive" (€9,99) was inspired by an at that time recent video by Estée Lalonde on her minimal makeup look which featured a powder foundation. You see, I have oily skin and I'm always looking for something to keep that shine away, and I am dabbling into the foundations and all that - okay, I'll admit mostly BB creams - and never thought about trying a powder foundation. Powder for my oily skin and a foundation to even out my skin? Perhaps I have never thought about it because powder foundations are not so much a trend with dewyness and strobing around and therefore not really available in the drugstore. Long story short, I saw this H&M powder foundation and thought let's give it a try. 

Yes, I cut a full-on fringe! I was in for something different, and quite like it. It does make me look a lot younger though, now that I see these photos, but back to the product. First and foremost, when I first tried it I thought it did not do or give anything. However, after using it for about two weeks I can say that is now in my daily routine. It gives very light coverage so do no expect much from it, but it evens out my skin tone and gives my face a bit more life. Do keep in mind that if you have a darker skin tone than mine, that this is the darkest shade in the range of when it comes to the powder foundation. However, they do have a regular foundation product and other products such as a concealer palette for darker skin tones that is worth checking out. No powder can keep my shine at bay, so even with this product it will come to the surface after a few hours, but that's okay. All in all, I actually like using this product. 

 Along with my powder foundation I, naturally, had to pick up lip products as well. I've said it before and I'll say it again, lip products really are my thing. So yes, I got more lip products. First up the "Lip-Colour-To-Go" in "Garden Party" (€5,99). The first thing I noticed as I was swatching these lip colours in store was that it sadly depends on the colour what kind of finish you get. Now, when I go for lip products I tend to go for lipsticks, creams, liquid lipsticks preferably with a matte finish because I want them to stay. Unfortunately, the shades that caught my eye were all gloss-like coloured lipbalms. As is the shade I picked up anyway. It's suprisingly longlasting on the lips for a tinted balm-like product, and I like the subtle colour pay-off. Same as the powder foundation, I ended up liking the product in the end. It gives my lips a nice bit of colour and hydrates my lips without being sticky. 

Lastly, the "Velvet Lip Cream" in "Screen Siren"(€7,99). Lip creams, yes! A good party red colour, yes! But oh so, difficult to apply evenly. The first time, it took me three times. The trick? Take a bit of the excess product of the applicator, work quick, and do one lip part at a time -  that is, upper-lip or bottom-lip. If you cannot get the edges right, just use lip pencil or maybe try applying it with a lip application brush. The longevity is okay, but I have seen and have better liquid lipsticks. It tends to fade away easily right at the edges where your bottom and top lip meet, and also with eating the inner edges tend to rub off. In conclusion, a lip cream that you won't have to check up during the day when you are out and about, but not as hardcore as other liquid lipsticks who last through meals. 

Swatched from left to right: Savoir Faire, Marsala, Garden Party, and Screen Siren

And here swatched from bright to dark: Garden Party, Marsala, Savoir Faire, and Screen Siren
All in all, a bit of a mixed haul/mini-review, but I am happy with the products I got. The lip cream takes a bit of work, and although not as longlasting, it still is a beautiful colour that I can manage to wear as you might have seen in my I Heart Makeup post. On the other end, I have a new base product that I have added to my daily routine which is a big plus. Are there any other products worth trying? I have heard great things about the single eyeshadows...

Kind of strange to end a makeup-related post with more beauty products, but hey it is advent calendar time! After a couple of top coats, the Essence advent calendar contained a golden nail polish - 10 "do you hear the jingle bells?" - on the 15th of December and today a reddy pink - 15 "from me to you". We are getting closer and closer to Christmas!


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