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When I was able to listen to music during the month of February it was mostly putting the new albums by Panic! At The Disco (Death Of A Bachelor) and Sia (This Is Acting) on repeat. For that, I apologize as you probably will hear their songs featured in maybe a couple of Monthly Music posts. In other music-related news, I managed to get my hands on a Pinkpop ticket for the Friday which means I am going to see James Bay, Bastille, Years & Years and the Red Hot Chili Peppers among others and I could not be more excited. In case you missed the line-up announcement then head over to the little post I wrote after the official press day here. As for this one, well...you know the drill, press play and enjoy!



Foodies' Fun

Happy leap year! In this monthly food-related recap I played around with the new camera light I got as a present for my birthday back in December. Note to self: Never create a Foodies' Fun again when you are actually hungry. My tummy is rumbling!

February was a month where I tried something new in the breakfast department. Okay, okay you may think quark is more of a dessert, but it works amazingly well as something to have in the morning or as a lunch when you want something light and fresh. I have been devouring these and my favourite is the one with blueberries. 

A simple but delicious dinner: multigrain rice with a chicken burger using pita bread. First time trying multigrain rice and I love it - the difference in texture and that extra bite is just great. The burger made by my sister is quick and easy - put a layer of whatever sauce you prefer on warmed-up pita bread I believe we had garlic sauce add your chicken along with avocado, onions, cucumber and season it. All done!

If you have been a regular visitor to my blog or these Foodies' Fun posts you would be familiar with this healthier oatmeal breakfast option. However, we were out of milk to heat it up with and so there was nothing left for me to do but to try it with yoghurt. Worked like a charm. 

In contrast this nice piece of whipped cream cake for Valentine's Day. I was lucky to also score a little strawberry on top. The next couple of dishes are part of one dinner evening when my mom really outdid herself and tried some twists on familiar recipes.

Starting off with this crispy red cabbage and snow peas salad. You will see that red cabbage was the main ingredient for this dinner because we also had...

...braised red cabbage and stewed pears. The traditional recipe includes apple to sweeten up the red cabbage, but this one with stewed pears is just as terrific. Who does not love sweet stewed pears on a cold Winter's day?

Speaking of a cold Winter's day, what better way to complement the red cabbage with a mashed potato and cauliflower stew including dill and lardons. Again a twist on the usual mashed potatoes we have. The cauliflower gives it a much more airy consistency, and by adding the dill, some mustard, and lardons a nice bit of extra flavouring. Instead of putting gravy of whatever meat goes along with it, this stew works great on its own.

These cottage cheese and spinach wraps were actually meant as starter, but we ate them along with all the other dishes that our dinner consisted off.

Fully inspired by other recipes, dessert could not be left out. We do not have dessert very often, but when we do it's gooood. Behold, the applesauce cookie crumble. So, so good!

With that segment done, I just wanted to share one other notable dish that my mom prepared in the month of February. This fresh shrimp stir fry with bok choy on white rice looks and sure tasted amazing. The sesame seeds in particular was something we hadn't tried before and added a whole different texture to the dish that was incredibly appetizing.

Off to get something to eat because as said before I am starving!


Pinkpop│Line-Up 2016


It's that time of the year again! The official press conference of Pinkpop just happened and now most of the acts for the 2016 line-up are announced. The headliners were already revealed in the period leading up to the press conference and consists of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rammstein, and Paul McCartney.

An annual three-day popfestival in the Netherlands. Except last year, I have been going to this festival since 2009 and I absolutely love it. An amazing atmosphere with great acts and usually something for everyone to go and see. The fact that it is in close proximity to where I live in comparison to other big festivals is of course also a big plus. If you are interested in my experiences than have a look at my blogposts of the last time I was there in 2014 or the one about Pinkpop 2013.

When?                                                              Where?                                                  Tickets?
Friday 10th of June                                        Megaland, Landgraaf (NL)                  Sale starts this Saturday, February 20th at 10:00am
Saturday 11th of June                                                                                                   Three-day ticket: 195,- 
Sunday 12th of June                                                                                                      Day tickets: 95,-

The line-up as announced in the last two hours! What do you think? Looking at acts per day, Friday is definitely my favourite because hello?! James Bay, Bastille AND Years&Years? Count me in! One OK Rock is the first ever Japanese act to be featured in a Pinkpop line-up which is very exciting. It was also announced that Major Lazer will be the closing act of the 3FM stage on Friday.

Moving on to the other two days...My second favourite is Sunday with Paul McCartney as headliner, but also Tom Odell, Skunk Anansie, and John Newman. Suprise surprise yes your eyes aren't betraying you, that is Lionel Richie on the list. Would be a fun party wouldn't you say? Still, Sunday is not one of those days where I feel like I HAVE TO SEE such and such although it would be cool to see the acts I talked about just now.

And finally, Saturday. A first for me, but there isn't a single act that excites me on this particular day. Usually there is at least one that floats my boat but not this time. Although not going to lie if I were to get a ticket for the entire weekend I would pay a look at Doe Maar. That being said, there are still four acts to be announced on this day (out of a total of nine) so you never know if something interesting might come up.

Sale starts this Saturday and I hope to get my hands on a weekend-ticket to see the mentioned acts on Friday and Sunday in particular. If not, then I think I am opting for a Friday ticket. What do you think? Any particular day that stands out to you?

For more information and (where to get the tickets etc.) head over to the official website of Pinkpop: http://www.pinkpop.nl/2016/en 



NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams


Ever since I heard about this particular lip product I knew I just had to get my hands on it. I am aware I say this quite a lot but there are so many great (lip) products out there. A few years later, and low and behold it is available at Douglas in Maastricht - a just over 40 min train ride away *jumps around in excitement* The best part? The entire display of NYX was almost completely full with products in contrast to other Douglas stores I visited in bigger cities with the hopes of running across NYX. Those two or three locations I found had just a remainder of testers, especially when it came to the lip products, if it sold the brand at all. Not that I did not manage to get my hands on a couple of products, such as my beloved NYX Matte Lipsticks that I wrote about on the blog before. Two trips to Maastricht in the last few weeks and I have ended up with one NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Toasted Marshmallow (12,95), another Matte Lipstick (7,50) in the shade Siren, and four Soft Matte Lip Creams (7,50).

SMLC08 San Paolo - SMLC10 Monte Carlo - SMLC17 Ibiza - SMLC20 Copenhagen 

yes got my hands on the famous Copenhagen on the second try. There was no tester of it the first time I went and on my second trip I spotted one in the back. Very content about this.  

What I love about this product? Its nice and creamy and even though it dries down and sets it does not make your lips feel dry. You can build up the intensity to however deep or bright you want it depending on the colour, but just one application is enough to cover your lips with a nice opaque colour.

On the left just one layer of Copenhagen and on the right colour intensity built-up with two more coats
Once set, it is pretty transferproof so do not be afraid of it bleeding out and what not. In my experience drinking water or tea was just fine, with only a little transfer on the very outer corners where your lips meet and even after having dinner there was only a bit gone from the very inside part of the lips. There is a wide variety of colours and I hope one day all of them are available at this store so I can check them out.



One Night Only│Carnaval OOTN 2016

There I was having a couple of posts in mind to set up on this blog and I completely forgot about Dutch Carnaval. Last year I celebrated this crazy almost week-long festivities by going one day, and this year was the same. Yesterday evening a couple of my friends and I went to 't Kanon van 't Balkon in Sittard, an apparently annual event consisting of performances by well-known artists within the genre, and the official heralding of Vasteloavend - the festivities of Carnival that traditionally lead up to Ash Wednesday the day fasting would start. For a lot of people - including me - it is a couple of days of great fun, dressing up, going out and watch parades and of course that cannot go without a new outfit fitting the event.

It just so always happens that a few weeks before this period starts my mom gets a sudden burst of inspiration to either create one or more costumes from scratch or to assemble new ones from fabric, clothes, and costumes we already have around in the house. This year the latter occurred and she created two new costumes that were ready just in time. 

This costume exists of two parts. The top layer being a coat that originally was a dress but served a better purpose as a coat and thus was split open. Adding some nice details such as a little bit of extra fabric here and there, ties to give it a little more shape and the ability to close the coat when it was cold, extra sleeves for more dimension and coherency with the rest of the outfit, and last but not least a nice stylish collar that would stand up to keep the wind at bay. I loved the dress when my mom got it as one part of a couples costume for her and my stepfather, but by adding a lot more detail giving it more flair and giving it a double purpose my mom truly made it a favourite of mine. 

The dress itself used to be one long dress made out of the same fabric that I wore last year and shared on the blog as well. Again, a dress my mom got for Carnival last year, but wanted to change it up a bit cut it in two and attached a corset that she first intended to use as a base for a Halloween costume but in the end did not use. By adding a couple of details using lace-like fabric and a knitted cropped top, the black that otherwise would be in complete contrast fits more with the overall outfit but at the same time stands out a bit to give more dimension to the complete look if one would wish to wear the coat open. 

I couldn't wear this amazing costume and not do something with hair and makeup as well to complement it. I tweeted this yesterday, but I truly like the getting dressed up part a lot, maybe even more than actually celebrating Carnival. What other opportunity would one have to go all out like this? Keeping the hair simple and with the high collar in mind I opted for curling my hair and pinning them up to create that elongated effect. As for makeup I took my inspiration from the colours of the outfit, implementing white and shimmery golds and silver to create an almost feathered-out eye mask around the eyes. Keeping the contrast with the black, the black boots I knew I would be wearing, and my dark hair, I added black angular eyebrows topped with glitter but also softened those brows to keep it balanced with the rest by adding some soft swirls at the outer edges of my eyes. On top of this I always wanted to do a bold lip like this, and had the perfect opportunity for it which nicely completed the look. I really like how this one turned out. Until next year!



Monthly Music


Take Two - Ariel
Sia - Fire Meet Gasoline
Hozier - Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene
BOY - New York
The 1975 - She Way Out
CHVRCHES - Night Sky
SAVEUS - Good Times