Wish List│Spring

Happy Easter!

I hope you are having a lovely weekend. We are slowly but surely heading into the warmer months (please let there be an actual Summer this year!) and that means it is time to change up the wardrobe. Recently I have been introduced to the online platform Spring that features more premium brands to shop so I compiled a "Spring Wish List" showing my top five accessoires to style yourself with now that we have entered the season. All items featured are from Spring's accessories store.

Sunglasses: The first thing that comes to mind when I think about the sun that is finally starting to peek through is "Yes, time to wear my sunnies again!" Was it your first pick as well? Although I was born in December I simply cannot handle the cold. So when the sun comes out my mood is immediately turned up. I love wearing sunglasses as it adds something extra to whatever you are wearing. I love it as a style piece and I have a serious obsession because I find myself buying several new ones each year.

Belts: If all turns out wel, Spring means the start of a rise in temperature so say goodbye to those thick coats, jeans, and leggings and welcome the the skirts and shorts (with tights). Though jeans are practical, nice, and comfortable (if you are lucky enough to find the right ones am I right or am I right - it can be a pain) shorts are usually my go to. What better way to accessorize those lovely pairs of shorts with a staple belt. These heavily buckled ones in particular really add that edge to the look that I like.

Rings: What about those scarves to bundle up in? Or those gloves you have been wearing and keeping in your bag just in case it gets too chilly to cycle to work or wait on the train. That's me. Yes, we can soon leave those behind as well. You might be thinking, jewelry can be worn all-year round. Yes, that is true. However, knowing I do not have to worry about my necklaces getting stuck in my scarf or gloves being a bit difficult to put on because of the rings I am wearing makes me want to wear them more. Plus they are more noticeable without all the layering of fabric to stay warm. Of all of the jewelry out there, rings are probably my favourite and I am a massive  fan of stacking them up or combining them with midi ones.

Watches: Some people might cover this under jewelry, but I wanted to give them their own spot on the list. Recently, I have really been into wearing watches. For a long time I viewed a watch as a necessity to keep track of time when I was at work and therefore could not be bothered with how it would look, but to be honest I have grown to love wearing them as an accessory. There are also so many models to choose from to fit to your liking. At first I thought why would I want a chunky one, but if it is the right one you will not even feel it on your wrist. Though that is not always a good thing...I often find myself reaching for my phone to check the time instead of looking at my watch because it just wears too comfortably. 

Collars & Bows: Last but not least I just have to feature these items and because they have a similar function I put these together. As soon as I saw them on the website I was like "Yes." Both add just an extra piece of textile that can completely transform your style whilst at the same time giving you that extra bit of clothing for this in-between weather situation. A very clever and great way to amp up your look. 

And there you have it, my wish list of top five accessories for Spring. What are your top picks? Let me know in the comments below. 



Cookies & Cupcakes│Maastricht

You think you'd know the city you have spent your four years of uni and have visited your entire life, but it never ceases to amaze you. Maastricht is that place for me, and I love the feeling of finding new spots and shops in the capital city of the province of Limburg. Today, I wanted to share two of those spots, that I did not know existed, wondered where they have been in my uni years, only to realize upon visiting that they were here the entire time. 

Tucked away in the Bredestraat, a street I would walk past almost every time on my way back from the university library, there is Piece of Cake, a lunchroom type of establishment with the main servings of different types of cake. It reminds me a lot of Taart, but is a lot bigger and has a feel of being more directed to a somewhat older audience. 

The establishment itself is nicely decorated - my mom, sis, and I had a particular interest in the wall with the big mirror - and has a conservatory to enjoy the sunnier months. Whilst there were some amazing breakfast and lunch options such as French toast, scones, or a fig and goat cheese salad, all I really wanted to try was a cupcake. I opted for the Dried Cherry Pistache, a combination I had not heard of or tried before, and it was really nice. My sister had a piece of the Cranberry Orange Cake, and my mom had what I believe to be a Red Wine Velvet. The presentation was lovely and fitted right in with the overall interior of the place. Having seen the menu I do really want to try some of the amazing looking cakes behind the glass display. Lucky for me, it's just a train ride away.  

The next stop was right at the beginning of the city centre park and is called The Cookie Club. Again, a place I have walked by so many times whether it was to visit the park or on my way to the university library. It is a tiny establishment, and if you have somewhere to get to like me you would oversee it, but having been there now, it characteristically suits the spot. 

On the inside you have your more typically Dutch known cookies on the left which is great for all the tourists and international students visiting Maastricht, but I was particularly interested in the the ones behind the glass at the till. This is where all the special homemade cookies and bars are situated and damn they look so good. I could have easily picked them all as the nice man put them in a box for me, and well let's be honest I almost had one of each that were available at the moment. Let's see if I can remember them...there was a macadamia white cookie, a white rocky road bar, a caramel shortbread, a blondie, a lemon bar and a couple of others...my sister on the other hand opted for some oatmeal cookies, but there was also carrot cake that my mom got a piece of. Once home, I chopped them all up in little pieces to serve for everyone in the living room. Let's be honest, it was safer this way or else I would have eaten them all.

So that's two "new" places, well new to me anyway, to add to the things worth checking out in the city of Maastricht. There are still quite a few other spots I want to check out that I haven't had the chance of visiting yet, so make sure to check up on the blog if you want to see more!



Three Looks, One Palette│Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1


Remember when I was pleased to see Makeup Revolution dabbling in the Dutch market? Well, guess what! Makeup Revolution is now available at selected Etos stores throughout the country. Back then I reviewed two of the I Heart Chocolate range eyeshadow palettes and stated that if I could go to a Makeup Revolution stand there still was one particular palette I wanted to add to my collection.

The Iconic Pro 1 (€9,99), otherwise known as the LORAC Pro ($44) palette dupe - the palette every well-known beautyvlogger wants to get as soon as they are able to visit the United States. Makeup Revolution's Iconic Pro 1 even has a similar name and comparison photos of both on Pinterest clearly show it is a very close dupe. The palette contains 16 eyeshadows - top row of eight matte finished and bottom row of eight shimmer finishes - as well as a double-ended synthetic eyeshadow brush and mirror in the top lid. The double-ended brush surprisingly does not include a sponge-applicator as you would expect with drugstore palettes, but has a flat brush and round brush that can be used to apply the eyeshadow with. The mirror stands up which is always a big plus in my opinion - why would you add a mirror if you have to have it propped up against something to keep the lid from falling close? I don't get it. So yeah, a big plus.

Top row from left to right: Ghost - Luna - Must - Enigma - Fade - Drama - Afflicted - Pitch
Bottom row: Need - Dawn - Getter - Breathe - Too Grey - Stage - Addicted - Player
The bottom row does have a better colour pay-off, but the matte shades are still easy to work with. The shades I was most intrigued by were Stage, a warm copper shade, and Addicted, a dark purple. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed.  Amazing shades! To put the palette to the test, I browsed makeup looks using the LORAC Pro palette on Pinterest and recreated them with the Iconic Pro 1:

#1: A cool-toned soft smokey eye that can be worn during the day. This look is a very unlike me kind of look due to the grey and purple shades and cool tones. Nonetheless it was fun trying something different. Starting with Luna as an all-over lid shade, apply Fade as your crease colour. Having laid the base of this eye makeup, use a soft pencil liner to line the eyes and smoke it out using Addicted. To blend the dark purple in with the other eyeshadows, I then used Too Grey. Using Addicted and Too Grey you can smoke it up as much as you prefer. As a last step use Need for that inner corner highlight and on the middle of the eyelid to open up the look.

#2: A warm brassy eye makeup look. Start off with Luna to highlight under the browbone. Then apply Stage - the main shade for this look - all over the lid, in the crease and along the bottom lash line as well. Use Getter to blend that otherwise stark copper-shade in the crease. Finish off with Pitch to line along the bottom lashline or to smoke out a eyeliner line if you want more definition.

#3: An easy to-do bronzey look - my go to when I am in the mood of wearing eyeshadow. Again using Luna as the highlight underneath the browbone, continue using Getter as the all-over lid colour and apply it underneath the bottom lash line as well. For the crease, use Must and to darken up the outer-v use Afflicted. On the inner third of the eyelid I used Drama, but ever so lightly as I didn't want a heavy makeup look. Using Ghost as inner corner highlight the look is done.

I am well aware that all three looks are quite similar in design, but these are some of the looks I found whilst browsing Pinterest that showed the versatility using the colours within the Iconic Pro 1 palette. A great mixed palette with shimmer and matte shades. You could go very neutral on the eyes, but it also has a couple of stand-out shades that gives you the flexibility to amp up looks or go bold. As such a great palette to have in your collection.